About GMS Associates

GMS Associates was founded by Gail M. Samaha in 1994. As a result of her personal experience of 12 years in trying to balance her own life with the needs of her aging parents living at a distance, Gail created the Elder Care Division in 2008.

Gail was able to put together a cohesive team to address her parents' needs and fulfill her promise to honor their care and end-of-life wishes. At the same time, she was able to maintain balance in her own life.

Combining the knowledge and compassion gained from this with a background as a hospice volunteer, 30+ years of business experience, and research skills of an MBA, Gail is uniquely qualified to help navigate the complexities and challenges of the elder care process.

Because she has maintained her independence from other trusted advisors, Gail is able to objectively make recommendations without bias, other than to ensure that the elderly receive the planning, care and dignity they deserve.

A Unique Plan Just for You and Your Loved One

Each elderly person is unique and so is each member of your family who provides care. Therefore, Gail's overall approach is custom tailored to fit your particular situation. She partners with you to identify your primary concerns and then lays out a tailored plan.

This will equip you with coaching, resources, and referrals to address your concerns. It will also give you the confidence to know that your decisions as a caregiver are good ones focused on two goals:

• to ensure quality care for your loved one, and

• peace of mind for you

We always offer an initial complimentary consultation, in person if it is geographically feasible, or via phone if that is more convenient.