For Caregivers & Family Members

How will you benefit from working with GMS Associates?

We understand and appreciate the hardships and heartaches that come with caring for an elderly family member. Our role is to support you in any way we can. We also offer the structure and planning you need to make a difficult situation as easy as possible on both you and your loved one.

GMS Associates differs significantly from what a geriatric care manager, a visiting nurse, or even an elder law attorney might offer. We are a totally independent service that can recommend and work with these other resources. But most important for you, we can help remove the full range of obstacles that often seem insurmountable.

If you need to know whether or not assisted living is financially feasible, our business background allows us to do a critical analysis of the options. If you are dealing with a family situation long-distance, Gail's experience will provide great insight into the issues and solutions. If you don't know where to start, we can create a personal plan that will break things into manageable tasks.

Remember, caregiving is not intuitive. You need not enter this critical arena alone. Take with you the experience we have gained.

Here are just some of the situations we can help you deal with:

    • long-distance caregiving

    • loss of your own income while giving care

    • dealing with familial disputes over caregiving

    • helping address financial concerns related to your loved one

    • establishing a plan and identifying priorities

    • working with health care providers, financial planners,
       and attorneys

    • knowing when to take which step

    • ways of taking care of yourself as a caregiver

    • the difficulties of being part of the "Sandwich Generation"

    • shortening the steep learning curve