Supporting the Caregiver as well as the Elderly

Caring for the elderly requires much more than just addressing their health care needs. Personal finances, legal matters, living arrangements, and family issues all contribute to the complexity of ensuring that your loved ones–and those of you who support them–receive the planning, care and guidance they need.

Caregivers too, often one or more family members, must receive the support they need during this trying time. They may be under significant pressure to identify and engage the best and most financially reasonable resources that their loved one needs. Caregivers need questions answered and they frequently need assistance in making critical decisions.

• Confused by all the choices?

• Where do you start?
 - With a battery of physicians?
 - Your family lawyer?
 - A financial advisor
 - Home health agency?
 - Family discussion?

GMS Associates specializes in helping the elderly and their caregivers address all of these needs by assisting families in laying out a systematic, complete plan, and by organizing and recommending the right professionals to assist in all phases of care, as shown in the diagram on the right. We will then provide guidance and advice through as many stages of the plan as you desire.

• The results?
    - Good decision making on your part
    - Peace of mind knowing systems are in place in case of crisis
    - Minimizing the cost of care
    - Control maintained by you over every step

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