Dealing with the Legal Aspects of Elder Care

It is imperative that all legal aspects of your loved one's life are in order.

As a function of our services, if requested, GMS Associates can help you identify and understand all of these important issues. We can then match you with an rlder law attorney who can address every aspect of your legal care. If you do not need the full services of an elder law attorney, we can work with your own attorney to ensure that you are given the assistance you need.

In preparation for talking with an attorney, Gail Samaha and GMS Associates will assist you in creating an organized set of questions to be asked and we will review the responses of your meeting if you wish. We can also be present during these discussions if warranted.

Our experience in working with others in your situation can prove invaluable in saving you money and confusion in dealing with the legal aspects of elder care. Foremost, of course, is listening to and abiding by the wishes of your loved one and family.

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Among the points to be discussed with an attorney are:

• Family Will

• Durable Power of Attorney

• Health Care Proxy

• Living Will

• Caregiver Agreement

• Trusts

• Medicaid Planning

• Long-Term Care Planning

• Asset Protection & Transfers

• Conservatorship

• Guardianship