What Clients & Trusted Advisors Say

Although we hope that the information contained in our website gives you the confidence that we can help, it is always helpful to hear what others have to say about our services, commitment, and compassion.

 “As I started seeing a decline in both parents and not knowing where to start, Gail was a valuable resource in helping me prioritize what needed to be done from a distance.  She helped me with a pragmatic approach in becoming more involved and educated on my parents’ care.  She helped me develop an email to the doctor with my concerns and questions regarding mom’s declining health.  With research and analysis, Gail has also guided me on the decision whether to keep my parents at home with services or place them in an assisted living arrangement.  I now feel more confident of my parents’ safety at home knowing that I have someone like Gail who will continue to provide me with counsel and support as my parents' needs change.“

J. Miller, Charlestown, MA  

 “I dreaded having that initial conversation with my parents when some changes needed to be made in their home on the East Coast.  Gail equipped me with a set of questions that made it more comfortable for all of us.  I headed back home to Denver knowing that my parents felt good about the changes we made.  And more importantly, I didn’t feel like the ‘bad guy.’”

J. McBride., Denver, CO

“Gail has been such a help to my sisters and me in our decision-making about our mother’s care.  My mother lives in Toronto near one sister who handles all of her needs on a daily basis.  My other sister and I live in Halifax and Boston.  Two years ago after a crisis that landed my mother in the hospital, we realized she could no longer live alone after her discharge.  With a few conference calls, Gail got the three of us to focus on what our mother needed in terms of new housing and what would be important to her.  She researched retirement homes in the area and our mother has been very happy in one located within walking distance of the shops.  More recently, Gail has encouraged my sister to have my mother assessed in order to receive visits from a home health aide -- relieving her of some of the caregiving.  As my mother has dementia, it gives us peace of mind knowing we have an advocate ready for the next phase of her life.”

J. Curley, Rockport, MA

 “As the only sibling living close to our parents, Gail helped me address the feeling of not 'having to do it all.'  She helped me identify which tasks can be delegated to siblings or to other resources. She made sure that I had all the necessary steps in place to ensure my parents’ safety, giving me peace of mind to enjoy my own life."

J.  Parrotti, Palm City, FL

 “I have been working with Gail since 2001.  While trying to balance my life with the caregiving of my own family, a brother with special needs and elder parents, Gail has been the catalyst to my peace of mind and continued success in balancing both my personal and professional goals.  She has helped me to stay focused on what is truly important to me. 

Without her coaching, I know that in my financial planning practice I would still be picking up the same piles of paperwork, racing the clock at the same pace, talking about the same frustrations, making the same income I did ten years ago and still trying to get my first book published.  

Gail’s personal experience along with her strong coaching and planning skills will help to provide guidance and balance in caring for an elderly family member.  She will be a great resource for caregivers to be able to stay focused on what is truly important to them and to their family. 

Over the years I continue to recommend Gail to colleagues, friends, clients, and family, who have all been grateful for her expertise both personally and professionally.  Working with Gail is the best thing I ever did for myself, my family and my clients.” 

C. R. Haddad, CFP®
Waltham, MA

“As her mother’s elder law attorney, I witnessed how effectively Gail put a team in place that supported her mother’s many needs (care needs, financial, health issues) while living 200 miles away.   Fortunately her mother had done legal planning, including Power of Attorney and Health Care Directives so that Gail knew her mother’s wishes beforehand and had the legal ability to function on her mother’s behalf.  Gail’s business experience recognized the value of having a plan in place that addressed the professional resources needed as her mother’s health declined and she encouraged her mother to put the appropriate plans in place.  
By planning ahead, Gail was able to honor her mother’s desire to stay at home with care as long as possible.

Combining Gail’s business background with her own personal experience, Gail understands what people need and how to obtain the necessary professional resources to care for an elder.  Her elder care consulting firm is timely and important as she guides and supports others in a similar situation– especially the “Sandwich Generation” as they face the many challenges of juggling their own lives with the caring of a loved one.“

B. W. Reynolds, Esq,.  CELA
New Milford, CT