Assessing Health at All Ages

One of the most critical areas of elder care is to monitor the health of the individual on an ongoing basis. Below are some of the factors involved in monitoring the health status and needs of the elderly.

GMS Associates can develop a thorough set of customized "checkpoints" that can be followed by caregivers. These can be reviewed with the personal physician, family members, and others who participate in the care.

      • What is the current status of the parent's health?

      • What medications are currently being taken?

      • Who is the primary care physician or specialists?

      • What is the physical history?

      • Any conditions needing to be addressed immediately?

      • Are they safe at home right now?

      • Are they still able to perform routine activities
        (bathing, shopping, bill paying, etc.)?

      • Are they still driving? Should they be?

      • Any noticeable changes in memory? What are they?

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Among the trusted advisors we work with to assess health are:

• Primary Care

• Neurologists

• Neuropsychologists

• Visiting Nurse

• Geriatric Care Managers