Family - The Most Important Caregivers

In most cases, it is family members who are initially most involved in elder care, and it is family members who are the most conflicted in terms of how to provide the right care. Sometimes this requires long-distance involvement, other times live-in care. Disagreement over care and treatment can often create family conflicts that last generations.

    • Who is going to be the primary family caregiver?

    • What are the roles of each family member?

    • What is the emotional status of each family member?

    • Where will the money come from?

These and a multitude of other questions comprise the issues that Gail Samaha and GMS Associates can help families answer. Often, having that third-party objectivity simplifies the problems and results in prompt resolution.

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Among the referral sources that GMS Associates can assist families with are:

• Geriatric Care

• Council on Aging

• Therapists

• Clergy

• Skilled Care

• Nursing Home

• Government Assistance

• Family Counselors