Money - The Root of It All

We have all heard people say that it seemed a shame that all of their parents' savings, and sometimes their own, had to be used for elder care. Sometimes, there is no way around that. In other situations, pre- or astute planning may ensure that a portion of an estate is passed on to the family members for whom it was intended.

Even before it may get to the stage of expenses related to the care of the elderly, some seniors require assistance with simply paying their bills and maintaining their financial bookkeeping.

It is critical to get a handle on all that needs to be done financially while the elderly are capable of passing on that information. However, there are many situations where an elderly person is not willing to share that information even with a loved one, let along a non-family caregiver.

GMS Associates can assist in two ways:

First, we can assist in helping to lay out a plan defining all of the financial aspects.

Second, we can connect the elderly or family members with a reliable accountant, financial planner, investment counselor, or even an attorney who specializes in such areas.

Because GMS Associates is an independent consultant and has no arrangements with outside financial persons, we can make objective recommendations without bias.

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Among the financial referral sources that GMS Associates can assist with are:

• Accountants

• Financial Planners

• Investment Counselors

• Stockbrokers

• Attorneys

• Reverse Mortgage